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About US

MISSION STATEMENT: “To Become one of the most innovative and Influential technology companies in the world in the next five years.”

Life Sensing

 VYVO is a technological company innovating the health and fitness Industry creating one of the most profound “shifts” in the history of the world.  The old ways of guessing what training is right for you what foods and nutrition to take and how to diet will be in our history books one day.  VYVO technology includes a unique wearable smart band utilizing state of the art clinical sensors monitoring your real time health this is one of the central components of smart life solutions.  Review our technological solutions that enables us to enter a 5 trillion industry! 


   To help people around the globe transform their health and their livelihoods.  The company has formed a partnership with Foxconn as their technology provider they are the world’s largest Technological Group with a revenue of 158 billion U.S. Their technology and expertise will work alongside VYVO to produce new evolving amazing products.  Unique to VYVO we can provide customized solutions that is instigated by DNA working with Artificial Intelligence from real time life sensing data monitored and captured by your wearable technology. This is changing the world.  This is a new dynamic approach to health and fitness that can be worked as a business online from your home! 

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