Backoffice Tutorial


  1. Login to VYVO backoffice 
  2. E-commerce Store, purchasing and setting new accounts
  3. Backoffice login and MyWalltet Location
  4. Submit a Support Ticket
  5. How to Access Your DNA Report (New! 7/29/2019)
  6. Products Section (Overview)

                  a.   My Smart Box

                  b.   My Subscription

                  c.   Genetic Service

                  d.   Protection Plan

     7. Business Section (Overview)

                  a.   Commissions

                  b.   Fast Sales

                  c.   Dual Team

                  d.   Team Developer

                  e.   Money Box

                  f.   Ranks

                  g.   Member Kit

      8. Account Section (Overview)

                 a.   My Orders

                  b.   My Profile

                  c.   Settings

                  d.   Personal Documents

                  e.   My Wallet

                  f.   My Cards

                  g.   Renewal Settings